IDEA — Special prize of RAMS: GreenBox
IDEAShortlist: Sleep well at home
KIAFShortlist: Creativity is in the air
White SquareShortlist: Sleep well at home
PORABronze: Through the eyes of a drunk
Fakestival — Shortlist: McDonald’s 24


D&ADBest of Year: The best recommendation ever!
KIAFBronze: Mechtival
KIAFShortlist: Traffic Jams
Ad Stars3 shortlists: The best recommendation ever!
Effie — Bronze: Radio Chocolate
Idea!Shortlist: Mechtival
Idea!Shortlist: Traffic Jams
White Square2 shortlists: Mechtival


Epica AwardsGold: The best recommendation ever
Ad StarsSilver: The wolf and the moon
White SquareSilver: «Sofie», «John»
Red AppleBronze: Mechtival
Red Apple — 6 shortlists for Mechtival, Traffic Jams, Сhildren with cerebral palsy are children
FakestivalBronze: Green Printer
ADCR AwardsShortlist: Idea eggs
PORA — Shortlists for Green Printer and More than you expect
Golden Propeller Shortlist: Mechtival


Red Apple Gold: The dog, The bike
Red AppleGold: Solar eclipse
ACAR creative rating — 6-th place in the personal rating of the year
Rating of the magazine KAK — TOP10 Russian design in the category of Non-branded polygraphy for the Universal fish meter
Red AppleShortlist: Invisible copywriter
Red AppleShortlist: Hendrix
AdstarsShortlist: Invisible copywriter
FakestivalBronze: Oxford
White Square — Shortlist: Invisible copywriter
Idea! Shortlist: Invisible copywriter


Red AppleSilver: WWF
Red AppleShortlist: Taste Russian
Red AppleShortlist: WWF
MOFILM Cannes LionsShortlist: Coca Cola Cry
Idea! — Shortlist: WWF
White Square — Shortlist: WWF
White Square — Shortlist: Time Drive
White Square — Shortlist: Fill your life with reason


Red AppleShortlist: Todarrow